Lyn Henry

“I love the way light kisses and defines the object, and creates an emotional response within me that I can show others through my art”

Lyn Henry – Artist

Lyn Henry lives near Invercargill, at the southern tip of New Zealand. She lives on a 5 acre block of land, including a 1-acre garden, and it is here that she gathers inspiration for much of her work. Lyn relishes the big skies of Southland, where the clouds march over the mountains and across the fertile Waimea plains.

Lyn is mostly self-taught, and started her art journey over 20 years ago under the mentorship of Riverton artist Julia Faithful,

and with life-drawing classes at Southern Institute of Technology.

She has attended workshops with many notable artists, including Tony Allain (NZ), Lyn Dieffenbach (Australia), Lawrence Berry (NZ), John Badcock (NZ), Penelope Gilbert-Ng (Australia), Stan Sperlak (USA), Diane Rappisi (USA), and an unforgettable week with Dawn Emerson (USA) at the Dakota Art School in Washington State.

Lyn spends much time exploring techniques, both on the understructure of a painting, and in the application of the medium. Combining pastels with acrylics, inks, textures, print processes and drawing creates an unpredictable and exciting outcome.

“I am always searching for another way to show my feelings for a subject…”

Lyn is currently President of PANZ (Pastel Artists of NZ), and is an active member of Pastel Society of Australia, and Southern Pastel Artists.